Applications 2019

The 24rd  Annual Arts in the Park takes place on July 6 & 7, 2019.

Deadline for applications Feb. 1st 2019.


  1. Jill Schvartz
    31 July 12, 9:42pm

    I am interested in having a face painting booth (2013); is there another vendor that has already established a space for this and if not do you allow more than one face painter for this event?
    Can you please send me any additional information that I would need?
    Thank you,

    • 31 July 12, 11:40pm

      Thanks for your interest – we will be in touch with your soon. The applications will be available on the website on November 1, 2012.

    • 25 January 13, 3:30pm

      Our deadline for 2013 is February 1 – we don’t have a face-painter yet.

  2. Linda
    13 August 12, 10:47pm

    About how much is the booth fee going to be next summer? I don’t need an exact quote. Just something to help me plan which show I am going to try to do. Thanks! (perhaps you could just tell me what the booth fee was for this year)

    • 13 August 12, 11:16pm

      2012 rates were $100 for 10×10 and $125 for a corner or end. Rates probably same for 2013, or slight increase.

  3. 28 June 13, 6:37pm

    I am looking to have space in the 2013 arts in the park. I didn’t realize that you had to reserve them so far in advance. If you have any openings for food booth would you please let me know.
    Thank you
    Virginia Wilson

    • 28 June 13, 6:42pm

      We will have the applications up for 2014 event at the beginning of November. Please apply before February 1.
      Thanks for your interest.

  4. 16 July 13, 1:08pm

    Looks like such a lovely event! I’d love to be on your email list for consideration for the 2014 fair!

    • 16 July 13, 1:11pm

      please email us at to get on our email reminder list

      • Gerry Wolf
        13 August 13, 12:29am

        I would appreciate being on your email reminder list for an application for the 2014 fair.

        Thank you.


        • 22 September 13, 7:33pm

          OK – I am about to put the applications up on line – should be up this week. chris

  5. martin gallant
    23 June 14, 1:10pm

    Hi! My name is Marty Gallant. I am an artist in Caribou, Maine and I am interested in being part of your Arts in the Park celebration. I suspect it is too late to sign up for this year but I would be interested in being an exhibitor next year. My landscape paintings are of rural and coastal Maine. I have exhibited in northern and central Maine. I would be interested in receiving any info that would be helpful and an application. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Marty

    • 25 June 14, 12:34pm

      Hi Marty,
      Yes, sorry – too late for this year. Our online applications are on the website starting end October or early November and deadline will be February 1, as always.

  6. 27 December 14, 2:01am

    If he can’t do it online please send us a application. Address is: Dick Tasker P.O.Box 163 Plymouth, Me. 04969. Thank you

  7. Laura matthews
    19 January 16, 11:02pm

    When are the 2016 applications due?

  8. 21 May 16, 1:46am

    Please place me on next years mailing list/or contact list. I would like to consider you for a booth. 207 642 7766.

  9. Jill Guerrette
    06 July 16, 2:25pm

    please include me in your mailing list for 2017. Thank you!!

    • 14 October 16, 3:25pm

      Arts in the Park 2016 was a great success despite the rain and location challenges. The Arts in the Park committee has, after reading the artist survey answers, decided to combine the event back to one park, Steamboat landing. Steamboat landing has been chosen for its flat handicap accessible location, bathrooms, ease of loading and unloading. Steamboat is also the location of other town festivals. We will be using a pod configuration for the Artists booths with 4 artists forming each side of the pod giving everyone one a corner booth. Live music will be in the center gazebo to draw in crowds. We are sure that everyone will be please to know that additional funds have been allocated to purchase more banners for the main routes to town.
      We look forward to seeing you at the 22nd annual Belfast Arts in the Park
      Applications are on the web page and
      will be accepted beginning Nov 1, 2016 and must be received by Feb 1st, 2017

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