Gourds By Suzanne


Suzanne Wolf clearly found her artistic calling when her young sons had a bumper crop of gourds in their family garden. Although the boys decorated the dried gourds, it was Wolf who found a new passion.

“While helping my sons with their birdfeeders, it became clear to me that I loved working with gourds. Everything fell in place after I enrolled in a carving class and discovered my niche – gourd chip carving,” said Wolf, who eventually left her plant research position at the Virginia Tech Agricultural and Research Station to pursue this new line of work.

 I pencil a design onto a gourd surface which is used as a template to carve the design. To carve, I use woodworking tools, called gouges. By varying the size of the gouge and the position and length of the cut I achieve different designs. After carving I embellish with dyes, acrylics, metallic rubs or patinas. I might also incorporate pine needles, sliced walnuts, polymer clay, semi-precious stones, and brass pieces.

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