Arts in the Parks Belfast 2018 Artist of the Year


Sandy Dolan is a painter and photographer who lives and works on the coast of Maine.

Sandy’s deep love for the great outdoors started as a child growing up in the country and continues to be her inspiration for her art work today.

Through her art Sandy seeks to capture the luminous light and ever changing moods of the Maine landscape. While Sandy is not climbing trees anymore you might see her high on some coastal rocks with her easel set up depicting another Maine scene. She likes to travel to many  great Maine locations and bring these scenes to you through her paintings and photographs.

Sandy studied painting and photography in Boston at the New England School of Art and Massachusetts College of Art graduating with a bachelor of fine arts degree. She is also grateful to have taken painting workshops with nationally known artists Stapleton Kearns, John Cosby, and Lori Putnam. Sandy intends to keep learning and growing with every painting.

See Sandy’s work at Arts in the Park and at

Ron and Ryan Cowan use Chisel and Chainsaw


Ron Cowan

Ron lives and works in Belfast, Maine, a small mid-coast community perched on the edge of the great Penobscot Bay with his wife, Cherie. Using chainsaw, chisel and grinder, Ron has made a name for himself sculpting faces in old barn beams, stumps, and logs. A tour of the town and the surrounding area gives much evidence of his labor, with many pieces standing along public ways and in favored spots in private gardens.. One of his pieces, “Antonio,” was used in several scenes of the Mel Gibson movie “Man Without a Face.” You can find Ron’s work across the U.S., as well as Mexico, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, and Canada.

Ryan Cowan

Ryan grew up watching his father play with chisels and chainsaw and by the time he graduated high school, he was hooked. He has now been creating faces for almost 20 years. Ryan brings his own style to the work and most people say they tell the difference between the art of father and son. Ryan has also experimented with sundials, bird baths, bird feeders, bookends, and planters. Living in Hampden, Maine with his wife and two small children.

See Ron and Ryans work at Arts in the Park and at

Peter Johannes Photographer

The award winning Fine Art photographs by Peter Johannes have been published in numerous books, calendars, magazines, as well as book covers. His work has been shown in Museums, Galleries and traveling exhibitions, and on Television.
AWARDS: Peter Johannes is a multiple Award winner at Disney’s Festival of the Masters, Art South Miami, SunFest and many other Fine Art Venues.
His work was chosen by the U.S. Department of State to be in a world-wide traveling exhibition entitled “From Sea to Shining Sea”.
His picture book “TEDRIC THE HOUSE MOUSE” has won the coveted “Mom’s Choice Award”, as well as the “Reviewers Choice Award” .
You can see Peter’s work at Arts in the Park and at

Gourds By Suzanne


Suzanne Wolf clearly found her artistic calling when her young sons had a bumper crop of gourds in their family garden. Although the boys decorated the dried gourds, it was Wolf who found a new passion.

“While helping my sons with their birdfeeders, it became clear to me that I loved working with gourds. Everything fell in place after I enrolled in a carving class and discovered my niche – gourd chip carving,” said Wolf, who eventually left her plant research position at the Virginia Tech Agricultural and Research Station to pursue this new line of work.

 I pencil a design onto a gourd surface which is used as a template to carve the design. To carve, I use woodworking tools, called gouges. By varying the size of the gouge and the position and length of the cut I achieve different designs. After carving I embellish with dyes, acrylics, metallic rubs or patinas. I might also incorporate pine needles, sliced walnuts, polymer clay, semi-precious stones, and brass pieces.

Jill Ross Originals


I was born and raised in Maine surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty.  I am an artisan that has been inspired to capture that beauty in my work and translate it into original, fine art as a gift from me to you.  I metalsmith gold, silver, brass and copper incorporating sea-glass, gems and stones  to compose one-of-a-kind Jewelry. Using Maine’s nature made resources, I also create free form and framed additive sculptures to mirror the memory of the Maine experience.  I know you will relish these exceptional pieces of art.

Goldsmith Pamela Hitchcock


The pieces in this collection represent thirty years experience creating gold and silver jewelry. I began studying jewelry design at an art center in New Hampshire when I was in high school. This course was followed by a two year, full time apprenticeship with a master silversmith. The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen then accepted me as a state juried member, and I continue to exhibit in league stores throughout New Hampshire. My work can also found at galleries from Connecticut to Maine.

My jewelry is handmade in every sense. Each piece is worked by my hands alone, from concept to finish, one piece at a time. Great care is given to detail, resulting in work that is both personal and impeccable. My designs are inspired by the beauty of the natural surroundings in which I live and work. I take great pride in my work and am happy to share it with you. See Pamela’s work at Arts in the park and at

Meet Nancy Shaul of Westport Pottery


My name is Nancy Shaul. I have been potting for a living since completeing my formal education in 1978. Moving to Iowa I started my first studio pottery business, selling my pieces through my shop and midwest art festivals. Now I am potting on the beautiful coast of Maine. A wood heated studio in the winter months and the rural island location has made this a delightful place to create !  I enjoy the whimsy of “playing” with clay and the joy of making items that will be used daily. Each creation, whether taken from my “useful pieces” or Whimsical Pots” series, is hand- crafted with great attention to detail. Please note that each piece is unique, thus color and form  will vary slightly. All items are watertight, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. About my glazes: I work in earthtones, blues, greens, terra cotta reds, and soft whites. The variety of glazes I choose to use work best with my gas kiln, are very durable,and suit the style of my work. The glazes I use are predominately  creamy white, soft white, woods green, soft green, terra red, spodumene natural, rutile blue, and a green/turquoise .

Ron King  of Ron King Design Studio


From a very early age I was attracted to textiles. When I was five years old, my mother taught me how to knit and I have been knitting every since. In college I discovered I could actually study textiles and, so, learned how to weave. For graduate school,  I had the good fortune to study textile design at Cranbrook Academy of Art, and since then, I worked as a textile designer in NYC, taught design and textile design at a number of colleges, and have worked as a production weaver.

My primary interest in textiles is in the design and production of functional fabrics; and my continuing fascination is rooted in the fundamental aspects of and the exploration of the structure of fabric, the interaction of fibers, and how colors, textures and patterns are created.

Patrick Garrett of Maine Cedar Adirondacks


My name is Patrick Garrett. I’m a retired state worker that loves to build things for fun in my garage. My wonderful sidekick Doc (pictured below) serves as my quality control operator. I started building cedar lapstrake skiffs in my free time when I was around 25. At the end of the day, I would sit on a plastic milk crate and admire my boats while drinking a beer or two. That’s when it dawned on me; I could do better than sitting on a milk crate and so I started building my first cedar Adirondack chair.

Over a short period of time many friends and neighbors wanted these chairs , often asking for a table to go with the chair or an ottoman along with other things. Over what is now around 25 years of building furniture I have listened to my customers of what they like and what they do not like. I use quality Native Maine White Cedar, Stainless Steel Screws and Galvanized bolts. I custom build each and every piece myself. My work is by no means factory standard but is made all by hand with as much attention-to-detail as any carpenter can provide. When I state my furniture is hand made; it all is. I enjoy building quality strong furniture that will last and I enjoy the expressions of those my work speaks to.

I have a small shop at my home where, now that I am retired from working for the State of Maine, I have more time to devote to my business. Most of my sales are from word of mouth, my web site and three local craft fairs through which, I am a vendor. Please look me up and come and enjoy.

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