Brian and Paige Greer Unique coin jewelry


The Fun Company has been a family owned business for over 30 years. Brian and Paige Greer, the current owners and operators, create and sell this unique and beautiful coin jewelry all across America. They travel to over 30 craft shows and festivals each year, selling thousands of coin jewelry pieces, making many new friends and fans wherever they go and enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of new places all of the time. Their business philosophy of “If it isn’t fun, don’t do it,” closely mirrors their life philosophy of “Love, Laughter, Fun, and Play,” and they enjoy every minute of their time working together.

See their work at Arts in the park and at

Designs by Sparrow


Starting at a young age, I have always drawn, painted, used play dough, made jewelry and learned every art medium I could. I have always been an artist, constantly yearning to learn new art forms and mix new techniques into my work. Sitting at a potters wheel freshman year, throwing my first piece of clay it clicked, this is what I wanted. But how to make this a career?

  Taking every class and opportunity I could at just 17 years old I almost sold out of pieces at my first art show.  I continued to have a show or two a year, selling art on the weekends at local markets and working a regular job, however, I was still looking for my place in this world.

Having an opportunity in 2015 to try making art a full time business, I discovered I don’t have a job, I have a passion, I have a career. I think I found my place in this world; I get to be an artist.

  To hand make every piece knowing someone will love using their coffee mug every morning feels amazing. That some of these pieces may out live me, they might be handed down to another generation is very special to me. My great great grandfather was a Portland Maine artisan. Having seen his oil paintings on canvas, cigar box covers and large sea shells was a big inspiration growing up.

 My art has grown with me throughout the years, creating the many unique styles you see here. I am constantly yearning to learn new art forms and mix new techniques into my own work. Each piece is designed & handmade by myself, with help from thoughtful friends and family whom I couldn’t do this without.

Finding new ways to bring my art to you. My dreams are finally becoming a reality.

Weaver Susan Blaisdell


Weaver Susan Blaisdell

Skowhegan Handwovens specializes in visually exciting, yet comfortable and casual functional wearables and home accessories. A variety of natural fibers are used in the tops, tunics, dresses, scarves, ponchos, and ruanas created by Susan Blaisdell. New and recycled cotton fabrics are used in the rag mats and rugs.   See Susan’s work at Arts in the Park  or contact her at

Sofia Selden of Joyous Silks


Sofia Selden is a mixed-media fiber artist exploring dyeing techniques in botanical prints, shibori, and painted silk.

Introduced to dyeing fabric in 2009, Sofia has studied with Jeannette deNicholas Myer, Jan Myers Newbury, Elin Noble, Jane Dunnewold, Carter Smith and Ana Lisa Hedstrom. She has completed the Art Cloth Mastery Program, and exhibited with “Twelve Voices from One” at the 2014 International Quilt Show in Houston, Texas.

Sofia’s work is found in boutiques in Wellesley, Newburyport, Portsmouth, Kittery and Belfast. She participates in farmers markets and fairs in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine. Sofia is a member of Surface Design Association, SAQA, Art Beyond the Surface, Friends of the Textile/Fiber Group-Museum of Fine Arts, and a number of surface design and artists associations in New England.

Erik Minzner Artist

Painting the subtleties of nature’s light is what continually inspires the artist. Minzner’s art is a perpetual attempt to bring dignity to the subject before him. On any given day, regardless of the weather, he may be found painting “en plein air” in his native New England. The artist has lived in or traveled extensively throughout the country, and thus, has a tremendous appreciation for what New England offers the artist. He will spend his lifetime trying to capture New England’s seascapes, farms, fields, and mountains for fear that one day it will all be “one giant suburbia.”
Erik has a B.A. in History from Eastern Nazarene College and has studied art at Heartwood College of Art along with many prominent artists. However, Minzner often says that if he is to one day be considered a great artist, it is because of those who have come before him. Thus, he is inspired by the artwork of French Impressionism, the Cape Ann School, and American Realism. “There is no such thing as ‘Self Taught,'” in Minzner’s opinion because if you are truly open to your surroundings you will be taking in and learning constantly. See Erik’s work At Arts in the Park and at

Meet Cheryl from CSM Art Glass


I have always loved jewelry, colored glass, and making things–so it is a natural that they all came together!

I started off as a painter. I loved to push the paint around with a brush, what fun! It was exciting to watch the colors bloom across the canvas, layering one transparent color over another. And the smell of the oil paint and turpentine was so arty. But then. . . I discovered glass! So like painting, but using actual light as well.

The glass became the perfect medium for making little works of art. I do everything by hand–from designing to shaping, firing, and finishing. I even designed my own earring cards. In my art, as in my teaching, it has always been important to me to be authentic and original. I don’t use molds, but shape or carve each glass piece by hand so that each pendant, pair of earrings, ring, etc. is unique unto itself.  I love to mix colors by using transparent glass—I  layer the glass just as I layered oil paints.  This creates  an exciting interplay of color within the glass.


Though I am originally from Western New York, I was lucky enough to meet and marry a Maine native and do much of my glass work at our home in Lincoln.  I am an art educator as well as an artist and am fortunate to have worked with so many wonderful students in my teaching career.  I have a Masters with a concentration in art from Wesleyan University in CT.

I hope my art glass jewelry dazzle and delights you!   You can see Cheryl at Arts at the Park and at

Catherine Worthington of Earth tones and Fish bones


“My recent art is about exploring and discovering, drawing from time spent sailing on the coast of Maine and visits up as far as Deer Isle and Acadia. Taking in Maine’s natural beauty with my eyes and heart gives me inspiration to create. As I explore the medium of textile painting I am often discovering the balance between abstraction and representation. I love the colors,patterns and textures in the landscape and strive to capture it’s essence as I paint, creating a rich surface. My process of cutting, piecing and stitching adds abstraction,depth and dimension. My textile art quilts are interpretations of real places and I hope to capture the attention of the viewer by creating a feeling or familiar place to connect with.”

Deborah Uva Fused Glass Art


Glass Artist Deborah Uva of Grape Island Glass
says , Memories of my mother’s and my grandmother’s gardens inspire me.
I find continual wonderment in living lakeside –
watching the sun set, the sky change,
the water gently move.
My hope is that years from now, my Glass Art is your family’s heirloom.
See the Beautiful Glass work of Deborah at Arts in the Park and at

Roger Ryder Draws with Fire

Roger Ryder is a retired Licensed Maine Forester with a career beginning in Great Northern Papers logging camps, in the Penobscot River watershed. As a forester he was in Maine’s great north woods during all 4 seasons and throughout the ever changing weather and light variations. Seeing how even slight differences in seasons, light and weather, could alter the landscape into different images, inspired Roger to pursue art.
Roger has training in technical drawing and continually sketched maps as part of his duties. Roger learned photography from his wife Alice, who is a technically trained photographer. Throughout the years his skill in photography improved along with his understanding of light, composition, perspective, capturing moments and an interest in black and white images. Roger is not a technically trained artist but has a passion to share different perspectives of our heritage and the rural landscapes we live in.
There are many art forms, but dabbling with wood burning names on paddles, Roger found his medium for expression, drawing with fire. He does believe the medium chooses you versus you choosing the medium.
Our lives are a compilation of moments we remember. These moments conjure up something special, such as a place, a time, event, a feeling or an interaction. Capturing and sharing these moments is the driving force behind Rogers’ art. The Illuminist painters associated with the original Hudson School of Landscape Art are strong influences in his artistic approach.
Roger lives with his wife Alice, in Lincoln, Maine on Caribou Pond.
See Rogers Work at Arts in the Park and at
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