AITP is please to announce the 2018 Artist of the year


Sandy Dolan is a painter and photographer who lives and works on the coast and in the Katahdin area of Maine. Sandy’s deep love for the great outdoors started as a child growing up in the country and continues to be the inspiration for her plein air paintings today. Through her art Sandy seeks to capture the luminous light and ever changing moods of the Maine landscape.

Sandy studied painting and photography in Boston at the New England School of Art and Massachusetts College of Art graduating with a bachelor of fine arts degree. She is also grateful to have taken painting workshops with nationally known artists Stapleton Kearns, John Cosby, and Lori Putnam.

Sandy is a member of the Plein Air Painters of Maine as well as the Katahdin Area Plein Air Painters.

2018 Applications now available


So excited to announce that Applications are now available on the Arts in The Park website for our 2018 event.

This Weekend


Music of Liz Lannon Band


Musical Performances scheduled for 2017 Arts in the Park –
Saturday July 8th

2 PM at Steamboat landing

The Liz Lannon Band

Fine Artist Dianne Horton


Dianne Horton who lives at Swan Lake in Swanville Maine,  loves the smell of the sea and has large containers of shells, rocks, and seaweed in her studio to enable her  to “inhale” these fabulous aromas during the winter months  when she is unable to paint outside  in the freezing weather of Maine. “I have set myself up with a fabulous tripod and travel bag with minimum of weight and equipment to best watercolor “plein air” in a quick and somewhat easy manner. I have snacks, water, a big hat, bug spray and camera as well as a bathing suit.    Traveling all over Maine, usually with Sandy Dolan,  enables me to paint what I like on the location whenever the occasion strikes. I have been known to  take a dip into the ocean between painting strokes.”

See Dianne’s work at Arts in the Park or online at

Watercolor Artist Kim Saucier


I have lived in Maine all my life.


Growing up in Northern Maine was a perfect place to enjoy and view the beautiful scenery that Maine has to offer.

When I moved to Bangor in 2000 a new chapter in my life began as I transitioned into teaching school.  I experimented with photography and painting classes and 10 years later my students have become my inspiration for the next chapter. 


I have a working art studio on 96 Harlow Street in Bangor to create whimsical artwork.    I use a combination of watercolor and ink to create one of a kind compositions.  My style has evolved through the years as I use different mediums and techniques.  My art will continue to change with me as my artistic chapter is being written.


 I hope you enjoy your art as much as I enjoyed creating it.  Meet Kim at Arts in the Park and see her website at

Hoist Away Bags from recycled sails


From the ocean blue to you. Hoist Away Bags is a coastal Maine company made up of boaters and people dedicated to creating green, unique, functional and fun bags.

We rescue old, abandoned sails and give them a second wind to be used on land, air or sea.

Our one-of-a-kind approach creatively incorporates all the original elements of trim, grommets and the main sail fabric into bags and other practical products. In the spirit of being true to the sail, new items incorporated into our designs include zippers, key chain holders, bottle openers and webbing for the handles. If you see some graphic or emblem on our products, it’s because it was part of the original sail. We’ve just moved it to a place of interest. Inside each bag you’ll find a quote to bring a smile to your day!

Every one-of-a-kind creation includes a bit of the sail legacy stitched inside. See the bags at Arts in the Park and at

THE POTTER’S HOUSE Meet Mary K and Jeff Spencer


Mary K   has been a professional potter since 1983 following the dream that I have had since high school. My husband Jeff and I started with a small studio in Connecticut and now have a wonderful studio and gallery in Litchfield, Maine.
I originally started making very traditional functional pottery. Working with clay has always been my passion. My studio in Connecticut was the beginning and then in 1986 we moved to Maine so I could work full time in a well-established production pottery studio. This move proved to be very beneficial as it helped me tone my skills on the potter’s wheel without the burden of running a business. I began “painting” with glazes on stoneware pottery after taking a series of watercolor classes. This is where my new love for painting and old love for clay married.
See more of The Potter’s House at Arts in the Park and at

Weaver Emi Ito


Maine weaver Emi Ito moved to the United States from Japan 18 years ago and began freestyle Japanese weaving known as Saori after her arrival. The Saori aesthetic encourages weavers to improvise designs and materials, rather than weave a decided pattern. Ito uses both colorful yarns and earthy hand-dyed fibers in her work and considers the process of weaving to be as much a part of the art as the finished textile. Specializing in freeform, unique, handwoven designs for apparel, textiles, accessories and  clothing. 

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