Meet MacKenzie Bowker


MacKenzie Rose Designs’ Jewelry
I am a jewelry designer based out of Scarborough, Maine. I have been making jewelry for about two and a half years. I specialize in funky sterling jewelry and handmade leather bracelets for both men and women. I first began selling my pieces at farmer’s markets in southern Maine, as well as the First Friday Art Walks in downtown Portland. I then expanded and began selling my pieces in various shops throughout Maine and New Hampshire. I currently participate in 10-15 craft shows and art festivals throughout the year, mainly in New England. I really enjoy networking with other artisans and jewelers as I work to promote self-expression and small business entrepreneurship! I hope to continue on this path and demonstrate to others that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Simply follow your passions and never give up. The joy I feel from being an inspiration to others is priceless, and it has made this journey so worthwhile for me. I appreciate all of the support along the way!
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Mikel Jaques Artist

has been working with wood for over 20 years. He discovered woodturning four years ago and has passionately pursued the craft since then. Mikel studied woodturning at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine. For the past six years, he has also been teaching woodworking at the Machias Memorial High School for the Coastal Washington County Institute of Technology.
Using a myriad of local and exotic species of wood, Mikel focuses on both the aesthetic and function of each piece he makes. His home and studio are located in Dennysville, Maine.
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Maine Focus Photography

Roger Stevens, Jr. of Lincoln, Maine has taken a life-long love of photography and turned it into a profession. As a self-taught photographer, Roger left a 21 year career at the local mill on June 24, 1999, and along with his wife Julie, formed the company Maine Focus Photography, L.L.C. From their gallery in Lincoln, Maine Focus is dedicated to capturing on film the landscape, plant, and wildlife of the great State of Maine for your pleasure and enjoyment.
Roger’s classic view toward nature has gathered much attention in a short time. He has won numerous wildlife art awards, has been published in several brochures, magazines and books, and was named Maine Artist of the Month for March 2001 by the Maine State Senate. When Roger is not camping out in the middle of Baxter State Park, he can be found hiking Maine’s rocky coastline, capturing the beauty of Maine using traditional methods and equipment.

Emma Swartz  Putting ink on paper


In a time when objects are disposable and correspondence is digital, the beautiful and the handmade are more and more charming. As a letterpress printer, I love to make objects that are beautiful to look at and delectable to use, carrying on a traditional craft that has survived in essence through 500 years of technological development. In 2015 I had the privilege of spending a year studying typography and letterpress printing with Barry Moser, a distinguished artist and fine human being, who taught me the craft of printing with reverence and love. I spent all the time I could in the pressroom, a magical place filled with cabinets of lead type, spools of string, and beautiful pages of printed words.

Upon graduating (aka being kicked out of the print shop) I wanted to continue to learn and create, so I bought a small printing press which now lives in the basement of my studio apartment in Belfast, Maine. I’ve named it Squeezebox Press in honor of my other favorite object/hobby, my little button accordion! I use my press to make stationery, postcards, posters, broadsides, and whatever else anyone wants to have pressed beautifully onto nice paper.

Annette Huval of Oliver Rabbit


Under my mother’s guidance, I began to sew as a child and spent countless happy hours by her side, learning and making. I’ve spent a lifetime engaged with this art form (over 50 years!) and am grateful to her for those early fundamental lessons.

Design, color and small hand-stitching shape my work with animals and dolls. An avid quilter for many years, I’m currently on hiatus from patterned cottons and find myself ‘knee-deep’ in the pleasures of pure wool felt.

From my home studio in Belfast, Maine, I design, create and market my work as Oliver Rabbit. Here I tell stories, play with the personality of handmade, teach others to sew and develop patterns so you, too, can enjoy the magic of making something!

Willy Reddick of Willy Wires

Willy Reddick has been handcrafting her Willy Wires jewelry for over 20 years. Working out of her 1850’s barn studio in Belfast, Maine, she strives to make affordable, accessible, original, fun, colorful, contemporary pieces using precious and semi-precious metals, recycled metals and glass beads. She was a founding partner of Åarhus Gallery in Belfast and is an avid rower.

Master Sculptor, David Pollock


The owner of Maggie’s Farm, master sculptor, David Pollock, has been working exclusively in wood full-time for the past 37 years. His current work is in the area of wooden cooking utensils and a few personal care items. We use sustainable domestic and non-endangered imported hardwoods and strive to create pieces which are comforting to hold and efficiently ergonomic to use. We sell the majority of our work at fine craft fairs. We at Facebook and Instagram as maggiesfarmmaine.

Meet Lisa Cutler Two Son Jewelry

It has always been difficult for me to separate who I am from what I do. I was a psychiatric nurse for over twenty-five years. I have also, always, been an artist, at least at heart. A few years ago, I had the epiphany that being creative made me happier than anything or anyone else. I resolved to move my passion out of the wings and onto center stage.
I officially launched my first company, Aurora Beadwork, in the fall of 2002 and have been making jewelry every day since then. In 2004 I changed the name of the company to Two Son Jewelry to reflect the broader scope of my designs, and to honor my best work! My jewelry is seen mainly at Fine Art and Craft shows along the east coast, and in a few selected galleries and shops. The psych nurse in me loves the interaction with my customers and the artist in me draws inspiration from the smallest flower and broadest vista that I am fortunate enough to notice in my travels.
After working for more than two decades in the hospital, I revel in the tangible and beautiful results I see after just one day in the studio. A mass of gems and glass beads is transformed into something that will make someone else as happy to wear it, as I am to create it. I guess making people’s lives better, either through art, or through nursing, is what I do. And who I am.

Scrimshaw by Chris Cambridge


Exceptional scrimshaw, hand engraved by owner & artist Chris Cambridge. One of a kind scrimshaw jewelry, knives, & collectible pieces on centuries old Fossil Walrus and Wooly Mammoth ivory. Also works from other leading scrimshanders from around the country.As a conservationist, Chris does not use elephant ivory.

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