Jennifer Connor Jennie Blue


I have always been drawn to graphite and pen and ink sketches, those quick studies that precede finished work.

It is those sketches that are the inspiration for this work. Some of the images are original, some have been borrowed from vintage images collected at book sales and auctions.

I use underglaze on bisque (unglazed ceramic), in a method similar to those pen and ink sketches, adding water to the glaze to create washes, and a fine brush to create the effect of pencil drawings.

While I repeat images, each is individually rendered, so each has it’s own personality and marks that are the hallmark of hand decorated objects.

Jim Williams   Mainely Labs Studio


I can’t talk about the art without talking about chasing dreams. I’ve been chasing dreams my whole life and Mainely Labs Studio is the latest of my dreams to come true.

I grew up in Ohio and lived there for thirty-five years. After many vacations to New England to ski and bike and eat lobsters, I often sat in my office and daydreamed about living along the rocky seacoast of Maine. In 1989, I decided to stop daydreaming and do something about it; I quit my job and moved to Maine.    In 2001, one of my employees told me that she was taking a painting class at the Maine College of Art. I had never picked up a (fine arts) paint brush in my life, but I heard myself say, “that’s something I’ve always wanted to do.” As soon as those words came out of my mouth, my next thought was, “well, what’s stopping you?” After the first class I had discovered a new passion and soon I had a new dream. In 2005, after becoming more and more disenchanted with work in the corporate world, I left my job and Mainely Labs Studio was born. I’m still chasing my dreams…

Kathleen Perelka


From Kathleen Perelka,“I am working to capture the vanishing Maine landscape through my pastels. The open fields of hay, corn and other crops with just a hint of human occupation in the distance remind me of my childhood in central Maine. I look to capture the light reflecting off the trees, hay bales, distant metal roofs, and blades of grass.

I love the vibrant red blueberry fields in October, the marshes and bogs and other somewhat hidden and under-explored places. I look for the blues and lavenders in the snow in winter; the golds and the greens in summer.

My pastel paintings are bright. My style is impressionistic. I don’t strive to capture every little detail. Instead, I am looking to capture the essence of a place, a time of year or a time of day.”  See Kathleen’s work at Arts in the Park July 7 and 8th

 Susan Barnes of Travelers and Company.


 I have been making “Journey Guides” since the 1970s. I made the first ones for my children…a figure to hang on their walls that would encourage them to think about places, journeying, and  safe travel. As it turns out my adult friends began asking me to make ones for them.  And I have made them ever since.  I like to think that each figure I create is as unique as every individual I meet, and that when people view them they  see  them as kindred spirits. As gentle, helpful souls.

“Journey Guides” carry stones for grounding, feathers for flying upward for a broader view, sea glass for clear thinking..and other objects to help in life’s passage.  The “Walkers” I make are smaller figures meant to encourage  taking one step at a time as one moves through the geography of the Present Moment. And the “Bundlers” I make are sitting figures who hold a bundle, representing a safe  place to keep your hopes and dreams.

I  live and work in Belgrade, Maine. 

Gisele Bridges, Owner of Island Soap


Island Soap Company began in 1984 on Deer Isle, Maine. I had never made soap before but I jumped at the chance when the company went up for sale and now continue to make it the old fashioned way on our five generation coastal Maine farm. As a Holistic Health Coach and organic gardener and farmer I value caring for the environment as well as my health and my greatest love is educating others on natural living. I take great pride in offering a line of natural soaps without synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients. I don’t just sell soap but offer education on why we should care as much about what we put “on” our body as what we put “in” our body. Each bar is hand made with only food grade ingredients and hand wrapped in colorful tissue and a label created from original artwork depicting our beloved Maine coast. One label is of Stonington, a quintessential fishing village not far from where Island Soap first began.

You can view the complete line of single soaps as well as gift sets at

See her work at  Arts in The Park

Alana and Evan Hutchins turn Stone into Art


A&E Stoneworks is located in the home studio of Alana and Evan Hutchins in Swanville, Maine. They specialize in unique and functional housewares made from Maine slate, granite and beachstones. They are best known for their Slate State Cheeseboards. In 2012 after turning a rock shaped like a loaf of bread into coasters they knew they were on the track to something very special. It wasn’t until Evan free hand cut (meaning no lasers, water jets or computers) the state of Maine out of a piece of slate that everything clicked and the Slate State Cheeseboard was born. Since then they have expanded their product lines and offer a wide variety of products including state shaped clocks, coasters, ornaments and a unique line of beach stone utensils known as the BeachWare line. You can find their products in many local Maine stores and they also ship all of the USA

Lakonia Greek


We have a unique small family business where we are the farmers, artists, and hand-crafters of our Greek Specialities. My mother Dafni has an olive grove in Greece, from where we ship our own raw extra virgin olive oil, olives, and wild herbs to Maine in bulk. In Maine, we combine our farm ingredients, with local ingredients – creating truly authentic and delectable products. We named our brand DÁFNI after my mother, because she’s the magic behind it all!

Our product line includes Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Authentic Greek Drizzling Oils made with our Wild Herbs (Balsamic & Garlic, Fresh Lemon, & Aged Red Wine Vinegar), Kalamata & Atlas Green Olives cured in our low-sodium brine in our estate olive oil, Wild Handpicked Herbs, and Medical Herbal Teas. All of our packaging includes the statement “Handcrafted in Maine.” Customers love the story and connection behind our products as well as how authentic and superior in quality they are compared to others. As my mother Dafni says, “From my groves to your table!”

Please view our website for more info: Attached are photos of our product line and others.

We are truly a “foodies” treat, and a delicious gift! Thanks for your time and consideration.

Michael from Coyote Graphics


Michael Boardman is the founder and artist for Coyote Graphics, a design company who connects customers to nature through unique and colorful garments screen printed with Michael’s wildlife artwork. Many of our animal shirts are based on direct observation of nature and Michael can often be found sketching eagles, owls or moose at many wilderness locations throughout Maine. It’s this combination of authentic illustrations and beautiful shirt colors that brings our clothing to life. Michael is also a watercolor painter, specializing in wilderness and wild creatures, and has served several artist residencies, including Acadia, Baxter State Park and Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. He also teaches bird and nature drawing workshops through Maine Audubon and volunteers for Avian Haven rescuing injured birds and currently has work hanging in the LL Bean flagship store in Freeport.. You can see our Coyote Graphics shirts at and Michael’s art at

Broder Brothers

Kathleen Buchanan Grey Seal Press

I have had a lifelong interest in creating art.  My path to becoming a working artist is perhaps somewhat atypical- I was educated and employed as a biologist prior becoming a full-time printmaker in 1999.  As an undergraduate at Tufts University, I majored in biology and nurtured my creative skills with as many studio art courses as I could possibly fit into my schedule.  After graduation in 1993, I worked in the consulting field for a few years before heading off to graduate school.  It was while completing my master’s degree in wildlife biology at the University of Alaska that I decided to renew my efforts at studio art and printmaking in particular.  At first glance, biology and printmaking seem to have little common ground, but much of my training as a scientist has served me extremely well as an artist.  Both disciplines require skill at observing the environment, at not only looking but seeing what is going on around you.  I look at biology and art as two dialects in the same language, different ways to communicate what you have learned about the nature of things, about the truth of your experience.

I am constantly inspired by the area where I live- the coast of Maine always reinvents itself with ever-changing ocean and sky, and seasons which each have grace and character all their own.  My two children fuel the creative process by reminding me to engage the world with a sense of newness and discovery.  In addition, music and poetry influence my work and fill my studio at all times.  I look to the work of Rockwell Kent, Sabra Field, Christy Moore, and Billy Collins for guidance and energy to keep creating.

As an artist, I am fascinated by relationships.  My connection to the natural world, my role as a mother, and my own sense of self all find expression in my images.  I enjoy looking at landscapes and their inhabitants not only as appealing composition subjects, but also as metaphors for our human experience.  Collagraph printing, with all its intricacy and subtlety, is a fascinating medium to use in the communication of these ideas.


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