Ron King

Lakonia Greek Products

Salt Air Designs

Shelley Lance-Fulk

Jon Linn

Susan Lipman

Zach Lipman

Little Blank Books

Jenny Lloyd

Peggy Clark Lumpkins

Linda Mahoney  2017 Artist of the year

Maine Island Soap

Mainely Local

Steven Manning

KC Maxson

Beth McKinney

Herman Meisner

Erik Minzner

Cheryl Moody

Bernice Nadler

Reena Nemirovsky

Dave Newell

One Lupine Fiber Arts


Owl Furniture

Pinky’s Creations

Purplebean Bindery

James O’Reilly

Patricia Pasteur

Tonya Patten

Kathleen Perelka

Scott Perry

Liz Prescott

Christine Prosser

Leon Raikes and Kimberly Ridenour Raikes

Reclaimed Maine

Jeremy Richards

Jill Ross

Roger Ryder

Kim Saucier

Susan Selden/Joyous Silks

Nancy W. Shaul

Lindy Sklover

Kay Sparrow

The Potters House

Victoria Sperrey

Jill Stasium

Roger Stevens

Sunshine Apothecary

Dick Trasker

Meredith Tournayan

Deborah Uva

Wendy Waugaman

Janalee Welch

Priscilla Wentworth

Jim Williams

Tanis Williams

Whitefield Pottery

Becky Wright

Yikes Studio



A&E Stoneworks

Allagash Tails

Anne Alexander

Christopher Augustus

Constance Bailey

Travis Baker

Julie Bernier

Susan Blaisdell

Michael Boardman

Sharon Boody Dean

MacKenzie Bowker

Anne Brooks

Connie Brown

Kathleen Buchanan

Meredith Carr

Jasmine Castonguay

Susan Cobb

Amanda Colburn

Ann Conlin

Jerry Corey

Rodney Corriveau

Ron and Ryan Cowan

Laurence Craig Green

Sarah Daily

Ania Davis

Joe Devenney

Dean Dimarzo

Sandy Dolan

Nancy Escobar

Jane Eslinger

Kathleen Farnsworth

Helene Farrar

Patrick Garrett

Danielle Gerber

Ernie Glabau

Catalina Grant

Emi Ito

Jared Grant

Brian Greer

Mark Guido

Tom Hamel

Sandra Hare

Joan Harnish

Diane Harwood

Durum Tempus Hardwood Clocks

Pamela Hitchcock

Linda Holmberg

Rex Holsapple

Dianne Horton

Hoist Away Bags

Jim Howard

Tom Hussey

Dot Hutchins

Annette Huval 

Emi Ito

Adrian Johannes

Peter Johannes

Richard Johnson





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  1. 08 January 13, 12:31am

    OMG 1MB okay,,,I have a new laptop and my old computer was 15 years old… now I have to figure out how to get my photos of paintings onto this new computer and then figure out about the size thing. You guys are snapping me right into this century and into the technical part of life that I am not good at at all. Wish me luck. I wish you could just look at my website which is another part of my New Years Resolution to be much better and larger….1MB okay……It’s easy, right? My husband calls my reaction “pre-grieving” and it’s perfect for this assignment.

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