Meet our 2017 Artist of the Year
Linda Mahoney

Linda Mahoney Color Woodblock Prints  I paint numerous watercolors en plein air, during the warmer months, returning to favorite places each year. I favor the undisturbed landscape, usually nature preserves, state parks, wildlife sanctuaries, or “undeveloped” coastal areas. I am particularly drawn to Downeast Maine, the Schoodic Peninsular, Steuben, Addison, and Lubec. Distinctive trees, crashing surf and rocks, bogs, boreal forests, marshes, and active skies are frequently my subjects.


During the cooler months, I study these watercolors and select the ones that best capture the spirit of place to use as designs for woodblock prints. I work in the Moku Hanga (Japanese watercolor woodblock prints) technique. I cut several blocks for each print design, use water-base paint and rice paste for ink, and print with a hand-held baren.  This is a contemplative and very satisfying process.



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