Meet our 2014 Artist of the Year

Scott Perry

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Rollie's Block Belfast

Every year the committee selects an Artist of the Year from the many, many talented artists and crafts people who display their work.  This is never an easy task.  So much talent and so many mediums!

            Scott’s expansive, panoramic photos have attracted our attention.  They go that one large step beyond a painting or photo of a scene one wishes to remember or often look at. They encompass an entire vista, even more the eye can capture at a glance.

             Scott worked, for a number of years, as a freelance photographer working for the Associated Press and the Maine Times.  His photos appeared in many newspapers and magazines such as Newsweek, the New York Times, USA Today and National Geographic.  These photos were more of the “history in the making” variety.

             His work was done mostly in Maine, and he began to feel the call to “get more into my pictures than the normal window of view a regular 35mm camera could provide.”  So he moved on to working with very specialized panoramic film cameras and digital cameras.  These tools help Scott capture wide vistas.

             He travels throughout Maine, New Hampshire and well beyond to create his art.  His wide photos make you feel you are where the picture was taken.  They include photos of the Maine legislature in session, the main street in small towns across New England, and many of the scenic mountains of the area, but also the occasional photo of a vista on a tropical island.

             Scott prints and frames his landscapes in his studio in Farmington, Maine.  He offers not only prints of his photos, framed, but also prints on canvas.

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