Applications 2016

The 20th Annual Arts in the Park takes place on July 9 & 10, 2016.

Deadline for applications Feb. 1st 2016.


  1. Jill Schvartz
    31 July 12, 9:42pm

    I am interested in having a face painting booth (2013); is there another vendor that has already established a space for this and if not do you allow more than one face painter for this event?
    Can you please send me any additional information that I would need?
    Thank you,

    • 31 July 12, 11:40pm

      Thanks for your interest – we will be in touch with your soon. The applications will be available on the website on November 1, 2012.

    • 25 January 13, 3:30pm

      Our deadline for 2013 is February 1 – we don’t have a face-painter yet.

  2. Linda
    13 August 12, 10:47pm

    About how much is the booth fee going to be next summer? I don’t need an exact quote. Just something to help me plan which show I am going to try to do. Thanks! (perhaps you could just tell me what the booth fee was for this year)

    • 13 August 12, 11:16pm

      2012 rates were $100 for 10×10 and $125 for a corner or end. Rates probably same for 2013, or slight increase.

  3. 28 June 13, 6:37pm

    I am looking to have space in the 2013 arts in the park. I didn’t realize that you had to reserve them so far in advance. If you have any openings for food booth would you please let me know.
    Thank you
    Virginia Wilson

    • 28 June 13, 6:42pm

      We will have the applications up for 2014 event at the beginning of November. Please apply before February 1.
      Thanks for your interest.

  4. 16 July 13, 1:08pm

    Looks like such a lovely event! I’d love to be on your email list for consideration for the 2014 fair!

    • 16 July 13, 1:11pm

      please email us at to get on our email reminder list

      • Gerry Wolf
        13 August 13, 12:29am

        I would appreciate being on your email reminder list for an application for the 2014 fair.

        Thank you.


        • 22 September 13, 7:33pm

          OK – I am about to put the applications up on line – should be up this week. chris

  5. martin gallant
    23 June 14, 1:10pm

    Hi! My name is Marty Gallant. I am an artist in Caribou, Maine and I am interested in being part of your Arts in the Park celebration. I suspect it is too late to sign up for this year but I would be interested in being an exhibitor next year. My landscape paintings are of rural and coastal Maine. I have exhibited in northern and central Maine. I would be interested in receiving any info that would be helpful and an application. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Marty

    • 25 June 14, 12:34pm

      Hi Marty,
      Yes, sorry – too late for this year. Our online applications are on the website starting end October or early November and deadline will be February 1, as always.

  6. 27 December 14, 2:01am

    If he can’t do it online please send us a application. Address is: Dick Tasker P.O.Box 163 Plymouth, Me. 04969. Thank you

  7. Laura matthews
    19 January 16, 11:02pm

    When are the 2016 applications due?

  8. 21 May 16, 1:46am

    Please place me on next years mailing list/or contact list. I would like to consider you for a booth. 207 642 7766.

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