Jim Williams   Mainely Labs Studio


I can’t talk about the art without talking about chasing dreams. I’ve been chasing dreams my whole life and Mainely Labs Studio is the latest of my dreams to come true.

I grew up in Ohio and lived there for thirty-five years. After many vacations to New England to ski and bike and eat lobsters, I often sat in my office and daydreamed about living along the rocky seacoast of Maine. In 1989, I decided to stop daydreaming and do something about it; I quit my job and moved to Maine.    In 2001, one of my employees told me that she was taking a painting class at the Maine College of Art. I had never picked up a (fine arts) paint brush in my life, but I heard myself say, “that’s something I’ve always wanted to do.” As soon as those words came out of my mouth, my next thought was, “well, what’s stopping you?” After the first class I had discovered a new passion and soon I had a new dream. In 2005, after becoming more and more disenchanted with work in the corporate world, I left my job and Mainely Labs Studio was born. I’m still chasing my dreams…


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