Susan Barnes of Travelers and Company.


 I have been making “Journey Guides” since the 1970s. I made the first ones for my children…a figure to hang on their walls that would encourage them to think about places, journeying, and  safe travel. As it turns out my adult friends began asking me to make ones for them.  And I have made them ever since.  I like to think that each figure I create is as unique as every individual I meet, and that when people view them they  see  them as kindred spirits. As gentle, helpful souls.

“Journey Guides” carry stones for grounding, feathers for flying upward for a broader view, sea glass for clear thinking..and other objects to help in life’s passage.  The “Walkers” I make are smaller figures meant to encourage  taking one step at a time as one moves through the geography of the Present Moment. And the “Bundlers” I make are sitting figures who hold a bundle, representing a safe  place to keep your hopes and dreams.

I  live and work in Belgrade, Maine. 

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