Designs by Sparrow


Starting at a young age, I have always drawn, painted, used play dough, made jewelry and learned every art medium I could. I have always been an artist, constantly yearning to learn new art forms and mix new techniques into my work. Sitting at a potters wheel freshman year, throwing my first piece of clay it clicked, this is what I wanted. But how to make this a career?

  Taking every class and opportunity I could at just 17 years old I almost sold out of pieces at my first art show.  I continued to have a show or two a year, selling art on the weekends at local markets and working a regular job, however, I was still looking for my place in this world.

Having an opportunity in 2015 to try making art a full time business, I discovered I don’t have a job, I have a passion, I have a career. I think I found my place in this world; I get to be an artist.

  To hand make every piece knowing someone will love using their coffee mug every morning feels amazing. That some of these pieces may out live me, they might be handed down to another generation is very special to me. My great great grandfather was a Portland Maine artisan. Having seen his oil paintings on canvas, cigar box covers and large sea shells was a big inspiration growing up.

 My art has grown with me throughout the years, creating the many unique styles you see here. I am constantly yearning to learn new art forms and mix new techniques into my own work. Each piece is designed & handmade by myself, with help from thoughtful friends and family whom I couldn’t do this without.

Finding new ways to bring my art to you. My dreams are finally becoming a reality.

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