Roger Ryder Draws with Fire

Roger Ryder is a retired Licensed Maine Forester with a career beginning in Great Northern Papers logging camps, in the Penobscot River watershed. As a forester he was in Maine’s great north woods during all 4 seasons and throughout the ever changing weather and light variations. Seeing how even slight differences in seasons, light and weather, could alter the landscape into different images, inspired Roger to pursue art.
Roger has training in technical drawing and continually sketched maps as part of his duties. Roger learned photography from his wife Alice, who is a technically trained photographer. Throughout the years his skill in photography improved along with his understanding of light, composition, perspective, capturing moments and an interest in black and white images. Roger is not a technically trained artist but has a passion to share different perspectives of our heritage and the rural landscapes we live in.
There are many art forms, but dabbling with wood burning names on paddles, Roger found his medium for expression, drawing with fire. He does believe the medium chooses you versus you choosing the medium.
Our lives are a compilation of moments we remember. These moments conjure up something special, such as a place, a time, event, a feeling or an interaction. Capturing and sharing these moments is the driving force behind Rogers’ art. The Illuminist painters associated with the original Hudson School of Landscape Art are strong influences in his artistic approach.
Roger lives with his wife Alice, in Lincoln, Maine on Caribou Pond.
See Rogers Work at Arts in the Park and at

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