Fine Artist Dianne Horton


Dianne Horton who lives at Swan Lake in Swanville Maine,  loves the smell of the sea and has large containers of shells, rocks, and seaweed in her studio to enable her  to “inhale” these fabulous aromas during the winter months  when she is unable to paint outside  in the freezing weather of Maine. “I have set myself up with a fabulous tripod and travel bag with minimum of weight and equipment to best watercolor “plein air” in a quick and somewhat easy manner. I have snacks, water, a big hat, bug spray and camera as well as a bathing suit.    Traveling all over Maine, usually with Sandy Dolan,  enables me to paint what I like on the location whenever the occasion strikes. I have been known to  take a dip into the ocean between painting strokes.”

See Dianne’s work at Arts in the Park or online at

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