Hoist Away Bags from recycled sails


From the ocean blue to you. Hoist Away Bags is a coastal Maine company made up of boaters and people dedicated to creating green, unique, functional and fun bags.

We rescue old, abandoned sails and give them a second wind to be used on land, air or sea.

Our one-of-a-kind approach creatively incorporates all the original elements of trim, grommets and the main sail fabric into bags and other practical products. In the spirit of being true to the sail, new items incorporated into our designs include zippers, key chain holders, bottle openers and webbing for the handles. If you see some graphic or emblem on our products, it’s because it was part of the original sail. We’ve just moved it to a place of interest. Inside each bag you’ll find a quote to bring a smile to your day!

Every one-of-a-kind creation includes a bit of the sail legacy stitched inside. See the bags at Arts in the Park and at www.hoistawaybags.com

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