Emma Swartz  Putting ink on paper


In a time when objects are disposable and correspondence is digital, the beautiful and the handmade are more and more charming. As a letterpress printer, I love to make objects that are beautiful to look at and delectable to use, carrying on a traditional craft that has survived in essence through 500 years of technological development. In 2015 I had the privilege of spending a year studying typography and letterpress printing with Barry Moser, a distinguished artist and fine human being, who taught me the craft of printing with reverence and love. I spent all the time I could in the pressroom, a magical place filled with cabinets of lead type, spools of string, and beautiful pages of printed words.

Upon graduating (aka being kicked out of the print shop) I wanted to continue to learn and create, so I bought a small printing press which now lives in the basement of my studio apartment in Belfast, Maine. I’ve named it Squeezebox Press in honor of my other favorite object/hobby, my little button accordion! I use my press to make stationery, postcards, posters, broadsides, and whatever else anyone wants to have pressed beautifully onto nice paper.


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