Meet Lisa Cutler Two Son Jewelry

It has always been difficult for me to separate who I am from what I do. I was a psychiatric nurse for over twenty-five years. I have also, always, been an artist, at least at heart. A few years ago, I had the epiphany that being creative made me happier than anything or anyone else. I resolved to move my passion out of the wings and onto center stage.
I officially launched my first company, Aurora Beadwork, in the fall of 2002 and have been making jewelry every day since then. In 2004 I changed the name of the company to Two Son Jewelry to reflect the broader scope of my designs, and to honor my best work! My jewelry is seen mainly at Fine Art and Craft shows along the east coast, and in a few selected galleries and shops. The psych nurse in me loves the interaction with my customers and the artist in me draws inspiration from the smallest flower and broadest vista that I am fortunate enough to notice in my travels.
After working for more than two decades in the hospital, I revel in the tangible and beautiful results I see after just one day in the studio. A mass of gems and glass beads is transformed into something that will make someone else as happy to wear it, as I am to create it. I guess making people’s lives better, either through art, or through nursing, is what I do. And who I am.

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