Meet Meredith Tournayan Fiber Artist


The Artist behind the  wonderful woolly world of Mulberry Marsh Designs.  Meredith has had a lifelong interest in ancient cultures beginning as a small child wandering the Metropolitan Museum of Art, enduring through a Physical Anthropology degree and now expressing herself through  the production on yarns and fibers like earliest woman-kind.  It is estimated that women have been spinning fibers, both animal and plant , for tens of thousands of years. From  as early as the Bronze Ages  archaeologists have uncovered not only the common woman’s clay spindle whorls, but actual spindles made of gold in the tombs of wealthy women from sites in Turkey.  Immersed as we inevitably are in our lives of glowing , beeping and bussing technology, touching nothing but plastic, the art of processing natural fibers by way of earliest humankind’s techniques is soothing to the hand and to the mind.  Meredith’s creations are her rebellion against technology and the preservation of and sharing of an almost lost art.

See Meredith’s work at Arts in the park and at

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