Meet Cheryl from CSM Art Glass


I have always loved jewelry, colored glass, and making things–so it is a natural that they all came together!

I started off as a painter. I loved to push the paint around with a brush, what fun! It was exciting to watch the colors bloom across the canvas, layering one transparent color over another. And the smell of the oil paint and turpentine was so arty. But then. . . I discovered glass! So like painting, but using actual light as well.

The glass became the perfect medium for making little works of art. I do everything by hand–from designing to shaping, firing, and finishing. I even designed my own earring cards. In my art, as in my teaching, it has always been important to me to be authentic and original. I don’t use molds, but shape or carve each glass piece by hand so that each pendant, pair of earrings, ring, etc. is unique unto itself.  I love to mix colors by using transparent glass—I  layer the glass just as I layered oil paints.  This creates  an exciting interplay of color within the glass.


Though I am originally from Western New York, I was lucky enough to meet and marry a Maine native and do much of my glass work at our home in Lincoln.  I am an art educator as well as an artist and am fortunate to have worked with so many wonderful students in my teaching career.  I have a Masters with a concentration in art from Wesleyan University in CT.

I hope my art glass jewelry dazzle and delights you!   You can see Cheryl at Arts at the Park and at

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