Patt Pasteur works with a sewing machine and throwing paint


Patt Pasteur is a self-taught artist that splits her time with the sewing machine and throwing paint around when the mood strikes her.  She started out as a full time weaver in the early 70’s weaving rugs, shawls, and tapestries. She did juried art shows in Florida for ten years winning awards for her work..

Returning to college in the 80’s, Patt became an early childhood teacher in Florida and Texas.  She was voted Teacher of the Year while in Florida and wrote grants for children in need.  It was after working on renovating their house in Memphis, Tennessee, that Patt became interested in fine arts craft again and started submitting articles for publication.

She has been published in dozens of magazines.

Now retired in Maine on Cold Stream Pond, Pat is having fun creating one of a kind baskets and playing with paints!   See Patts work at Arts in the Park and at

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