Meet Reenatype Photography


My name is Reena. I am a native new Yorker, first born American. I was raised in NYC, which gave me a hard shell, quick wittiness, and a New York accent. My life was an ironic, wonderful blend of the hilarious Seinfeld sitcom and the exciting life of women in Sex in the City until I met the love of my life. We packed up our high energy NYC life and moved to a much slower paced town in midcoast Maine. Seeing the amount of beauty here took our breath away and we had to live in it! And photograph it.


I majored in Fine Art Photography at the Academy of art University and invented my own photographic process. I thought I would just be a fine artist, the infamous “starving artist”, but After years of being in the restaurant, food/service industry as I pursued my art, I realized that I want to photograph full time. It’s my passion, my voice, and my vision.

You can see Reena’s work At Arts in the Park or at

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